Yes frustration has set in A stock athlon xp heat sink mounted on the northbridge with some as3, and the stock northbridge cooler on the soulthbridge with as adhesive, aloong with some custom heatsinks on the mosfets.. Then when I booted the machine back up it read the processor as some 2.? Time to shove those memory banks inside the vendors throat again? We tried a new video card but no dice. Nov 28, 5.

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I assume my core Voltage is still set to default at 1. Ask a question ms give support. I was so close to going mad at this point, the power supply was like 90 bucks!!!

I get home and install all of the components but only have 1 CD-Rom hooked up. This is the system that I had attempted install with the new board but was very unsuccessful: The newer athlons really need arctic silver, or similar ripoff.

I think he overclocked it and really messed it up. Nov 28, 6. In my opinion this was the fix, everything I had tried previously had not worked out. And as im only 17, i really hope i dont have a 13 year old kid, or i dont know what ive been doing.


You could try to raise your latencies as well CL4 or so. Check to make sure your memory is a proven brand to work with the motherboard.

I removed the stick from the green slot and put the Rambo in its place. Find all posts by DerekT.

MSI K7N2 Delta-L FSB gave me Blue Screen in Win XP – The Corsair User Forums

Nov 29, 8. Sep 5, 2. Also, it does not matter whether I put the RAM in single or dual channel. He has never seen anythign like it.

It would throw an error. Then all of a sudden it completely shut down. Thank you for the reply.

Actually, if you read the AMD forums, there are an abundance of reports of just this problem. Then sudenly crashed and will not beep or post or nething since no matter what components I pu in there. The DDR should be able to run atbut you will need to adjust the timings up to something like I am a very happy person.


[M] MSI K7N2 Delta2 Platinum Athlon XP nForce2 Review

I had to reset the bios using the motherboard jumper to get it to work again when i tried that. I have purchased a different board and now only have the orignal legend stick in it and it works fine.

I now have 2 MB sticks in each non duel channel slot and the PC works fine and is still very fast. No, create an account now.

I tried moving a large video mpeg file from the C drive to the D drive and it said it would take 45 min!!

MSI K7N2 (MS-6570) Free Driver Download

I have been having the same issues with the same board. Obviously running it at is slower than at anyway, but the asynch timing is even slower. Hi, I have a similar problem.