Carefully insert the replacement IC in the circuit board. Use this technique only on IC connections. Do not use freon-propelled spray-on cleaners. Route the jumper wire along the path of the out-away copper pattern and let it overlap the previously scraped end of the good copper pattern. Normally White, Transmissive mode Backlight Unit: Clip each fuse or resistor lead at top of the circuit board hollow stake. The range of the pixel clock is from 25MHz to MHz.

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Quickly draw the melted solder with an anti-static, suction-type solder removal device or with solder braid. Do not use freon-propelled spray-on cleaners.

LG Flatron L1780Q – monitors specifications.

Dell Alienware 25″ Discharge the picture tube anode only by a first connecting one end of an insulated clip lead to the degaussing or kine aquadag grounding system shield at the point where the picture tube socket ground lead is connected, and then b touch the other end of the insulated clip lead to the picture tube anode button, using an insulating handle to avoid personal contact with high voltage.

These parts are marked on the schematic diagram and the replacement parts list. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Cyber Monday Office Depot deals: The Scaler gets the video signal converted analog to digital, interpolates input to X resolution signal and outputs 8-bit R, G, B signal to transmitter.


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Brightness is an attribute of visual perception in which a source appears to be radiating or reflecting light. At Other Connections Use the following technique to repair the defective copper pattern at connections other than IC Pins.

Clean the soldered areas with a small wire-bristle brush. Power Adaptor Built-in Power Input: Carefully remove the transistor from the heat sink of the circuit board. Otherwise harmless motion such as the brushing together of your clothes fabric or the lifting of your foot from a carpeted floor can generate static electricity sufficient to damage an ES device.

Solder the Flayron connection. I used the ebay process of product identifcation and ended up with a product review that wasn’t even for this monitor. Connect insulated gauge jumper wire from the lead of the nearest component on one flatrln of the pattern break to the lead of the nearest component on the other side.

Use the following unsoldering technique a. General Servicing Precautions 1.

LG Flatron L1780Q – LCD monitor – 17″

Power Device Nominal Voltage. Monitors by Lori Grunin Sep 24, The following guidelines and procedures should be followed whenever this condition is encountered. Projector Max V-Sync Rate. Do not spray chemicals on or near this receiver or any of its assemblies.

LG Flatron LQ LQ LCD Monitor sm_图文_百度文库

LG Flatron LQ – monitors specifications. Inspect on the circuit board l1870q side the solder joints of the two “original” leads. When holes are the slotted type, the following technique should be used to remove and replace the IC. It is measured in milliseconds ms.


Trace along the copper pattern from both sides of the pattern break and locate the nearest component that is directly connected to the affected copper pattern. Electrostatically Sensitive ES Devices Some semiconductor solid-state devices can be damaged easily by static electricity.

After removing an electrical assembly equipped with ES devices, place the assembly on a conductive surface such as aluminum foil, to prevent electrostatic charge buildup or exposure of the assembly.

LG LQ 17″ LCD Monitor | eBay

Alternatively, obtain and wear a commercially available discharging wrist strap device, which should be removed to prevent potential shock reasons prior to applying power to the unit under test. Cyber Monday deals you can still get: Video Input Digital Video Standard.

My son bought this for his Xbox and it’s been perfect. Always remove the test receiver ground lead last.