Once the finalise process has finished you will be dumped at the main Metro screen. To get the latest version of the requested update simply download and run Driver Reviver. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. As for removing the hidden partition on the shift, the Guide tells you how to do just that. As for getting shortcuts to show up as Metro tiles, I would have a quick Google round the various Windows 8 sites, it is not something unique to the Shift and a few people have various methods. I rebooted again, since it seemed it installed some new hardware. I have e serious problem about HTC not having a fix to swap the Spanish languge bugging my unit into english.

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You may also like. So I pulled out my shift, dusted it off and a few hours later, had windows 8 installed! This item doesn’t belong on this page. That said, it is controlled by a hardware toggle on the Shift.

I use it every day. Nothing seem to work… Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. The fact it runs at all, not to mention that it is actually pretty damm usable with Windows 8, even bells and whistles like the fingerprint scanner and webcam work fine, cli1o60 somewhat impressive. Thank you for your effort, nice work!


How To Solve Wifi Connection Issue On HTC One M7

Thanks very much for the support. If you see that it seems an issue, change the channel on your Wi-Fi router.

What kind of battery life do you get with this device running Windows 8? Skip to main content. Download Drivers Search computer drivers by manufacturer.

Installing Windows 8 Preview on the HTC Shift – Distant-Earth

Nothing seem to work…. Hi Peter, The recovery command prompt is built into the Windows 8 setup process so if your having trouble getting the USB stick to boot into setup your not getting far enough into the process to run the recovery console.

The actual Windows 8 install is pretty uneventful and will just sit there for a while churning its way through the install.

Psion Series 5mx 3. InstallSafe Protect your browser and PC.

Blog Latest tips, tricks and news. I rebooted again, since it seemed it installed some new hardware. Privacy Reviver Privacy Reviver support.

How To Solve Wifi Connection Issue On HTC One M7 | Technobezz

It is a very deluxe yet very portable full featured device. If your not actually getting into the Windows 8 setup it comes up a few minutes after the blue squares and you have already rebuilt the USB stick the chances are you just have a USB stick that the Shift does not like.

Also, have you verified your Clio10 download is good if it is not this is cljo160 sort of issue you may well get? Mohcine November 9, Hit return to close the properties window.


Anyway, upon removing the SD card and restarting the install came up just fine every time I tried.

Wifo Optimizer Battery Optimizer support. Graphics, touchscreen and the like will not be correctly setup at this point so you will only be able to use the trackpad mouse and keyboard for input. NET now you have a working network connection is to press the resolution switch button above the touchpad and have Windows try and run the app then switch to the classic desktop, it will then detect the app needs.

But in fairness I have been using it less and less of late. It only has a mhz processor but i must say the solid state drive improves its performance greatly. Newsletter News from ReviverSoft. I had the exact problem as you, until… I removed my sdcard from the card reader. It get stuck at the blue squares of line on the top left corner…the system just hang….