The 3D eff eel while o doors is very good indeed, with fast frame update end lota of objects around to break up the monotony of the otherwise Hat earth. An Amiga costs twice as much as a Megadrive. Walk through the south wall – it is an illusion. I am thinking of getting a Megadrive, but the games are very dear My mate keeps going on about how good Amigas are and they have better graphics than the Meg ad rive Is that true? Our game titles and stock can’t be beaten by any other mail order house and we stock months ahead of our competition. The game you were referring to was the Ko- nami beat ’em up Cnmehghi- ers. Whats usually the case is that another pro- duct has the same name as an English game, so to ex- port it!

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Extra energy can be cjlt by using the first aid kit on level 32or by eating the food carried by some of the enemy On reaching Gruber.

Emgeton M6 Cult

So for Patrick Halm and anyone else still looking for it, go to the NE comer of the graveyard. Press the switch by the case, and note which word of the captains poem you need. Free software and t-shirta are on their way, I promise. An Amiga costs twice as much as a Megadrive. Does anyone have a cheat for The Untouchables? Blast an anil re wave end power-upe mn left behind to help you hick even more ass.


Also, whal is their favourite food, if they have one? Three holes in the ground. Mt J 1X74 There are no proper 3D glasses. Spiffy conversion by USG is finally out and sure to prove popular in the shires.

Note the word you need. Days of play would be required to get that score – so if emgdton write in and tell us exact- ly how long it took you, and how you actually achieved that score. I’ve seen ii in rather a lot of places before and after a while I began to gat rather bored with the whole thing.

I read the double -page Emgefon Machines article about the Lynx, but to my dismay it isn’t to be released until next year sometime I was wondering rl you would please print the ad- fult of an American com- pany thai would send me de- tails about the Lynx and then sell me it. You gave it a disappoini- mg review. Our game titles and stock can’t be beaten by any other mail order house and we stock months ahead of our competition. Phoned Darth Vader for his latest cracks.

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Still, one man’s meat, can be bigger or smaller than another’s. Frank Dolmans is another addict of Sierra adventures, and he managed to complete Space Quest III in fifteen days Rat without any help – fin- mean feat!

Its simple, yet maddeningly addictive gameplay proved a hit across the board, so it was only a matter of time before someone tried to copy the original Ru stale idea. Mr X wasted littk time in wtttlng back to Complain!


If you’re a Mega- drive-owing racing freak, you simply cannot miss out on Super Hang-On – and that’s official! Played it all before? After numerous telephone enquiries from inquisi- tive punters we decided to find out what had happened to the Konix Multisystem, which was supposed to be m the shops in time for Christ- mas.

micromax mobile price list in egypt

Phone W and ash for James. Get the aw land listen to the conversation.

So how does it actually work? Well find out when they ring our Audiogenic Comp-Line in the hope that they win one of the sporting prizes in this brilliant Emlyn Hughes Giveaway. Shoot em up fans shouldn’t rrTrss it. Hang on a sec rummages through poc- ketsNo.

Mr Heli and all has adversaries, are nothing short of pteel perfect, compared with their arcade counter – parts, and alt of them are ani- mated superbly Music and sound effects are all hp lap Some of the waves of enemy ships leave behind a smart-bomb when wiped out very admirably indeed, but after only a few minutes a you get a nagging feeling of “Erm, haven’t I seen this somewhere before?

Should definitely be triad, though.

Aah, you may know it Emlyn, but will our readers?