How can I obtain the name of the options set SilkTest is using during execution? Modify recovery system so that it automatically detects which directory the 32 bit version of IE is installed in. What is causing this and how can it be avoided? How can SilkTest retrieve the Shortcut key for a menu option in a Java application? Select method selects the incorrect item. Does SilkTest run on a virtual machine in the cloud?

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Oxbc can the error “java. How can I declare a global variable to share data across multiple testplans? Does SilkTest support Data Warehousing testing?

Keywords are displayed as not implemented in Silk4J. When using SetTrap, SilkTest Help recommends that it is only used once in a script, how can this be overcome if I have to use it in multiple testcases?

[IM004] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]

Executing Silk Test Workbench tests on multiple browsers sequentially. Why am I unable to update or edit my Master Plan? How can SilkTest handle Alt-f in Java applications. Go to the Security tab. Incompatible types — Number of list elements exceeds number of fields, when I run a data driven microoft


SilkTest does not recognize a Flex application in Firefox. Can you provide an microsort of how to use sMaskFile when using the Verify Bitmap method?

How can I use SilkTest to verify that my recorded declarations have not altered during playback? How can I set global variables in a distributed environment? How do I export custom results to an Excel file?

Can SilkTest be used to renew all network connections on a machine and return the new connection details? How can a String object be cast as a Dataclass object?

IM[microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver’s SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDL

When multiple application processes are running, how can you ensure the script attaches to the one it launched? Multiple scripts utilizing a single ActiveData asset. In SilkTest, what is the recommended 4Test syntax for an “if” statement with multiple conditions? Remove From My Forums.

How can SilkTest verify if a html pushbutton is disabled or is “greyed out”? SilkMeter crash when uninstalling from a bit operating system.

[IM] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] – My CMS

Why Do I receive the error ‘Error connecting to database’ when connecting to Workbench? When a child script is called from a parent script, the child script can access the object map out of scope. Is it possible to set the extensions from the command line launcher? When I execute a test against Google Chrome I receive the following error: How do I use coordinate parameters for mouse actions on poorly defined ofbc


When multiple users access a SQL database from different machines, issues with the asset locking mechanism occur. How do I configure SilkTest for a Java application which uses. Upper and Lower 4Test functions return nothing. Is there an easy way to open a Windows Explorer folder using SilkTest?

IM004:[microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver’s SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDL

Trying to launch app from SilkTest testscript MyApp. Installation of SilkTest Workbench. How can the SilkTest WaitBitmap method be used when it expects a “Rect” parameter, even though this is optional? I have had to reinstall Fire Fox and the Silk Test plugin is no longer installed.