There are plenty of other GPS clients that will probably run on the Pi. The sad part is that the lock usually isn’t that good. May 13, The GNS is buggy, plus it has bad specs. It also has configurable alerts for speed, altitude and destinations which some people might find useful.

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Had mine about 2 years. Where the n30 had a Bluetooth chip, the n35 has the GPS receiver chip. It shows your position on downloadable OSM maps but can also generate GPX trails and waypoints text, numbered, photo and audio. holus

Software supports tracking, but this function is disabled by default. Logging frequency not clear. The BT has a motion detector sounds like a ball bearing in a box that allows the device to go into a low power mode when not moving. With the Pi powered up switch on the Holux module and give it 60 seconds gpsslim look for satellites. Windows Mobile 5 with freeware Odgps program has bug in elevation.

Remeber to use mav MAC address! Packaging includes USB cable and car lighter adapter Caveat: The signal strength is pretty good and it outputs NMEA.

Corrections can be transmitted as propritary formats, single station corrections, or ‘ RTCM’ format correction list.

The device is working properly but I drive a truck for a living and the bluetooth radio signal to the computer gets interupted alot by other signals and it makes this and any other bluetooth device in the truck including my bluetooth printer and headset a little bit unreliable.


As this device is a navigation system there aren’t any controls for GPS, although some people created alternative skins which give more control. Overall for ease of use, price, its quick time at getting a fix, its OK, but frustrating for getting good pedestrian tracks. For this I needed just two pieces of additional hardware, a LogiLink USB dongle plugged into the Pi better double check its presence running lsusb and a HC Bluetooth to serial adapter cheaply bought on ebay.

Works since linux kernel 2. I nice little unit, seems to work quite well.

If you know the name, please complete the list. Navman support Click on the PocketPC image. You must only use the software and accessories with our products that we either endorse or sell i.

The use of the GPS is highly dependent on which software is used. Delivered with a driver for Windows.

Holux Technology MacOS Driver Downloads

I don’t think you’d necessarily buy this just for mapping, but if you want a mobile browser, media player, note taker, navigator, PDA etc, this could be a good solution for you. This format can be used directly to upload it to OSM.


Tracks stored in an internal database, can be exported to ‘. I can’t compare the quality of the GPS logs to any other device.

Holux – OpenStreetMap Wiki

It also incorporates a third-generation chipset designed by America’s SiRF Technology for low power consumption. Receiver should be up to 3 meters away. Tracking runs always in background if the navigation is running, in card view mode as well as in navigation mode.

In the software “Version 1. Generally it take a few minutes to initialize and fixing a new position and a few more to get on DGPS. After doing some research it seems that unless you jailbreak which I’m not willing to doonly Apple-approved external receivers will work. You may need gpsoim press the Enter key to return to the command prompt. MrGPS is an high-performance, compact, robust, comprehensive application fpslim logs GPS tracks and provides real time statistics with voice aid.

First impressions on the Freedom Keychaingps is that it is no good in urban areas, it seems to be very sensitive to reflections from buildings. Sold the Amoi GPS to someone else.