Zaki performs a single, graceful looking somersault. It is the most beautiful looking technique of his style. An essential part of the repertoire for the Wrestler in All of Us. Same with Demitri, whose command throw is an Izuna Drop. One of the variations of Seiya ‘s Pegasus Rolling Crush technique is this. It was named in the anime.

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The ground is ruptured, and any enemies within range instantly die and spares Rei gameplay-wise. He adopted this as his own signature move, though he mostly used it to intercept other ninja mid-jump.

The Shrike Rune user Kasumi in Suikoden uses this. Pilevriver includes spinning piledriving a mook from the top of the Empire State Building all the way to ground level. A leaping, spinning attack that has Zaki briefly mimic the form of a flying bird before she slices her targets into perfect pieces. Odd considering she’s a fairly skinny succubusbut there are signs of her strength around.

It was named in the anime. If nothing else, that guy’s going to get really dizzy. If not, the slashed ligaments reattach themselves.

Used on Rima; a one-handed stab to the chest which causes severe blood loss. Rei swings his arms four times, senidng out a sideways energy blast each time. As well as the Underworld Drop and the Flower Garland Drop in 2which can be considered as variants.


Can be done in the Spider-Man 2 video game.

Nanto Suicho Ken

He learned the move by watching birds fight and in particular how one bird dove into another bird, bearing it to the ground.

The game even keeps track of the max number of rotations performed on the stats screen. Spinninb because the Japanese name of the move is “Earth Throw. Rawyou can create a Spinning Piledriver Finishing Move.

Spinning Piledriver

In Dragon Ball Z: Rei knocks his opponent up into the air, grabs them and then piledrivers them, sending out a shockwave. Enough hokut could make very large holes in the ground.

Maximum Impact 2 see aboveHanzo has your typical Izuna Drop which can set the opponent on fire as both a special move and DM.

He sets it up by uppercutting the enemy pilddriver the air, and then teleporting into them for the spinning piledriver. It is taken up to 11 in this case as it’s entirely possible to grab a mook from street level, hokuuto them up to the top of the nearest skyscraper and do it from there.


It seems to be that rune’s special ability. A technique Rei performs after witnessing Kenshiro’s Seikyokurin stance, which causes its target to fall into a state of false death.

It’s the single most damaging attack in the game and works on everything. Damaging, yes, but not awesome enough.

Nanto Suicho Ken | Hokuto Renkitōza | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Same with Demitri, whose command throw is an Izuna Drop. She can even deliver this move to building sized characters in Tatsunoko vs.

Simply put, all four players have to attack a stunned enemy at the same time. Can also be performed in midair.

Ninjas in media often perform a head-first variant of this move called the Izuna Drop. Its movements are compared to a graceful water bird, however, its destructive power is without equal and can slaughter jokuto with its devastating slicing techniques.

In Kensei Sacred Fistprofessional wrestler David sorta has one. He finally uses all that momentum to leap up into a flying piledriver though there’s no spinning in the air.