Almost any realistic lock plan or structure can be set up. Lock Parameters Locks are organized according to Lock Groups. Place the Pocket PC in the docking station. The maximum number of Keycard Types is 30, while the limitation for Keycard Type elements is significantly higher and limited only by the available system memory. The running application must be quit first. OR To move all locks to the other window, click the double arrow button.

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This will leave Vision unable to determine fully the lock characteristics.

Create a user ‘Vision’ on the server and assign a password. In the String field type your password and save changes. For example, if you typed 3, each third match to your criteria would be displayed.

Double click My Computer on the desktop.

Download and install KDE Inc. KTXX Magnetic Card Reader USB – driver id

You can use this screen to upgrade your license limits. Log into the encoder’s Admin panel when following the described procedures:.

You can specify the locks by using the number pad or by selecting individual locks or lock groups. This is accomplished by assigning a start time to the card.

Magnetic Card Multi-Track Encoder (EST-4938)

Vision Basic provides full functionality but limits the amount edt-4932 Doors, User Groups, Timetables and Access Points that can be defined. Access to Common Doors is given in addition to doors that are specifically selected when the keycard is issued and up to 16 Common Doors can automatically assigned to a keycard when it is issued.


Up to 10 Access Areas can be assigned per Keycard Type. Page 55 VingCard Vision 4. Below you see an example of a completed Time Tables Worksheet.

Configure encoder network settings

For example, it makes no sense to issue a Smart Card to a maid to clean a set of rooms if some of those rooms only accept mag-stripe cards. Page lis VingCard Vision 4. Uploading program and data to locks Check that the LockLink is set to the correct time, as it will automatically be used to set the time in the lock.

Page 91 VingCard Vision 4. The setting for whether Deadbolt Override will be an option when issuing keycards is specified in the System Parameters settings. Attempts by non-valid keycards to open a lock in this lockgroup will only be logged if this option is checked. The keycard is used to open doors — When an employee keycard is inserted in a door, the door opens if the following conditions are met: Suite — Select this only if you want to set up Keycard Types for suites or combined rooms.


If not checked, the keycard will simply access the Conference Room in the normal way i. Common Door Time Table lift 4th Moor In other words, it will never be valid after being used once. Log on to workstations using the ‘Vision’ accounts. Improved reading ussb magnetic cards estt-4932 Lock programs, available with Vision 4. Then, when the DST changes occur for example in April and October the lock will have the up to date DST information necessary to correctly adjust its internal clock.

Full text of “Vision Manual”

Est4932 26 VingCard Vision 4. Therefore, you should define a maximum of 45 common doors to avoid conflict. It was created for you and is always one of the available Time Tables. Available Hooks All of the possible hooks for guests will be displayed.

The guest keycard becomes invalid — A guest keycard normally becomes invalid in one of these three ways: Automatic logon allows users to avoid the network login after a PC is started. If there is a esr-4932 outage, you may not have enough employees available to do this.