The printer remembers adjustments made to continuous paper, even after the printer is turned off. Why won’t the printer print serially from my PC? Why were two new scalable fonts added? This feature is selected via the printer’s control panel buttons. Since the top and bottom margins are non-printable areas, the maximum number of lines per page is reduced from 66 to 61 lines per page.

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Why does the printer stop or pause in the middle of a print job?

For more escape codes, please refer to the Command Summary of your User’s Manual. Disconnect and reconnect the cable on the PC and the printer and try printing again.

Since Windows is a graphic environment, the drivers are set to print unidirectional for better print quality. If it is, turn the printer OFF and manually eject the continuous feed paper.

UKT Support – Epson LQ+ Printer

How do I install flnt printer driver in Windows 3. The Print Manager or the printer driver usually causes the conflict in Windows. When printing labels, it is recommended that you only print with a pull tractor.


Why won’t my printer print bidirectional in Windows? Go back into Windows and verify the printer driver that has been selected is correct.

An Install Driver dialog box will appear on your screen. The scapable should initialize properly and the Bin light should not be on. To switch to PC, make sure dip switch 1, 2, 3 and 4 on bank 1 are all Scaalable. How can I get my printer to work again? Another reason for the printer to pause or stop can be that the printer is waiting for more data or is in the middle of processing data already received.

Epson LQ-570+

Remove the paper from the tractor unit. Disconnect and reconnect the cable on the printer and computer. Look into the printer, on the bottom left side you should see a small white lever. Try a different cable, making sure that it is fully-shielded and preferably epzon or less in length.

You should change the number of lines per page to The printer has two sets of dip switches. When micro-adjust reaches the minimum fotn maximum adjustment point, the printer will begin to beep continuously.

The specification recommended is 25 percent. When using single sheets, the printer automatically provides a small top and bottom margin. Many applications have an option to change the number of lines per page.


Reload the paper onto the tractor unit and try to print. In the Printers dialog box, click on the Add button. The setup can be activated upon booting up the system. If the driver disk is in drive A: My printer will not power-on at all when I connect the parallel cable. Release the buttons after the printer emits one long beep.

Once you have the TOF position set where you want it, send a print job. For Epwon 95 or 98, click on Start, go to Settings, choose Printers. Select Properties, go to the Details tab, click on the Spool Settings button, and choose the option “Print directly to the printer.

If you are still having problems, repeat the above steps. If you are in Windows 3. Choose from any of the following printer drivers: