The most common way to resolve this problem was to treat large drives as if they were actually two or more drives. How Many Megabytes Are Enough? It includes the MemoryMax “memory manager”, the first memory management system to allow loading TSRs, device drivers and the operating system into upper memory blocks, and the operating system to be loaded into the high memory area. Microsoft releases the Microsoft Mouse. The menu system in XTreeGold only appeared on the screen when you clicked on the top line of the screen.

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When you accessed the File Mgt menu, you could use the arrow keys or the mouse to mluse a file and then choose one of the file management commands such as Copy.

Dinosaur Sightings: DOS File Managers

They say it provides DOS 3. Hardware vendors are taking longer than usual to adopt the new DOS for their hardware. Using a serial or parallel cable to connect two computers, each running Norton Commander, you could easily copy and move files ,ouse the two systems using the dual pane view which showed directories on both systems.

United States Patent and Trademark Office uspto. After four weeks of testing Dossehll samples of theDigital Research acknowledged that Intel corrected all documented erratabut said there were still undocumented chip performance problems with the prerelease version of Concurrent DOS running on the E-step.


Intel’s marketing manager also spoke briefly of the planned iAPXIntel’s next major processor. In time, Windows 3. Microcomputers are increasingly used in systems too small or slow to warrant use of minicomputers. Memory optimizations, Stacker disk compression, Rexx.

While still having the same system requirements as Windows 3. Copying files was an easy operation.

The cassette was expected to retain its leadership position through SYS —a first step towards plug and play. The new standard requires faster timing speeds, mousf runs faster than PCI. Visi On, the first graphical user interface-based operating environment for the PC—generally viewed as VisiCorp’s answer to Apple’s Lisa—ships. I got a copy back in when I was still running DOS 2.

Clicking on the top line of the screen revealed a set of menus that contained a wide range of commands and special features. In the basic version, the mouse pointer, shown in the center, was a simple rectangular block.

The Tree view made it easy to see and move around your directory structure. Image created by Mousse Shultz for TechRepublic. The programs are Referee from Persoft Inc. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


Timeline of DOS operating systems – Wikipedia

Microsoft announces and ships the first Mohse version of its Excel spreadsheet. However, there was a problem. Qualitas to the Max is introduced. Some industry executives think the investigation will lead the FTC to a range of what they consider to be anti-competitive practices by Microsoft.

Microsoft announces Xenixa port of Version 7 Unix to x86 computers, saying that it will prevent a bit software crisis. The SIMM’s 30 pins are inserted into a plastic chip carrier rather than the gold-plated leadless ceramic chip carrier.

The product includes three major modules: PC Network Announcement Letter. However, you could use the menu system to access all the common DOS commands. It had dosdhell in secret development for two years, and the demo was a loud wakeup call to Bill Gates. EXE and a few external commands: The drives are then termed logical or volume drives, and work well as long mouee no one file is larger than 32 MB.