So if we were searching in the zone “example. In the Postgres driver, the find zone query is also used as the first query during the allowzonexfr query operation. Then run the file through eliminateDups. Using single quotes would have made escaping SQL queries nasty, too. The values of the fields may be held as integers, floats, whatever by the database, but the return from the MySQL functions is only a string. This will group duplicate lines together in the input file, allowing eliminateDups to find them.

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You don’t have to use both tokens if your database query doesn’t require it. In the future a third may be developed to provide even better performance.

Knowledge Articles-Using DLZ in BIND

This parameter is located at argv[1] and is required. Each line is compared with the next to see if they are the same. After each new driver is finished, a full release of DLZ will be published. Notice that there is no token to tell the query what type of DNS record we are looking for.

NLnet; BIND DLZ; How

You’re currently viewing a course logged out Sign In. The next piece is the word “postgres”. If your lookup function will return SOA and NS data, and you will not be using an authority query, you still need to specify an empty authority query so that the allnodes query will be located binf argv[6]. You are still responsible to make sure the query is correct once the tokens have been replaced. DLZ was built to be flexible. If you develop a custom writer that you think may be useful to others please contribute it back to the DLZ project so we can consider it for inclusion bine a future release of DLZ Perf Tools.


Flexibility was a goal from day one with DLZ.

The file system driver is unique in that it uses the hierarchal nature of a standard file system as a database for DNS data. If it doesn’t, it should output an error message and die. A File System driver will be implemented.

The configure script will search in the normal locations for the Postgres headers and libraries. However, every effort should be made to allow the drivers to operate on any system that the database it supports operates on.

If you will have TXT records in your database be sure to bnd the TXT records with double quotes in both the lookup and allnode queries. The driver will properly escape the strings used to replace the tokens.

Not using Hotjar yet? PostgreSQL only really returns strings from a database when using the libpq functions. Existing resources available At least 1 computer running Windows BIND is then reloaded or restarted.

Using DLZ in BIND

The example below defines a DLZ named “example” that is referenced by the zone statement for example. The driver then appends a space to the end of the string and continues to the next field.


It will then write the DNS data using several writers. The example below is using dynamic linking via dlopen:. This is because the Postgres driver supports threads and can use more than one database connection at a time. The driver will properly escape the strings used to replace the tokens.

This parameter is optional and always located at argv[5]. This makes it easy to manage our DNS data in the database using separate fields for zone and host names. If at least 1 row is returned, then the database does support the zone, and thus is authoritative for it. NLnet has graciously offered to continue sponsoring the development of DLZ.

If a bihd set for a lookup or authority query only has one field, the driver will use the default value of “a” for type and for ttl. Also, to show the impact of using DLZ by doing performance testing with a variety of backend databases. Since a random number is at the beginning of each line, this actually randomizes the data.