You have never posted output from lsusb, which shows usb ports. This is the lspci output. An operation is already pending df -h does not show the device as available for mounting. NEC Corporation physical id: I reformatted those to ext4 and work fine on standard USB 2. Hi all, I just bought some USB 3.

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Problem is, the cards are not being recognized by Ubuntu. Distributed Computing – General. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Liunx. Or the cause could be another? I just got a wireless card working out the box at home As an update, I have not been able to get these PCI cards running.

Benchmarking Software and Discussion Overclock. I’ve noticed this post has a lot of hits. Life is too short to remove Asjs safely. I’m not sure I should feel like scammed by Asus about it, honestly when some time ago months I’ve been reading some reviews this card didn’t seem to have any unhappy surprise, I should have checked again before ordering it.

Will look at that on Monday since this is my work machine.


Re: [vfio-users] Boot from Asus U3S6 with OVFM

If I get something running I’ll post an update on this thread. Your Dell manual should have info on which slot is x4. Seems like we need to find Linux drivers for it, I thought usb 3. The 16x shouldn’t be a problem at all.

As gordintoronto suggested, try an lsusb command to see if your card is listed as a usbdevice As an update, I have not had any success so far in getting the U3S6 card working on my system. Asus is a good brand, never had a problem with anything from them.

Device rev 12 agarzon euler: That is a pretty good thread An operation is already pending df -h does not show the device as available for mounting. That’s how it is marketed It is the system the one that shows me this card has a MArvell Controller.

Have a great weekend. Newegg isn’t currently selling the card, but lihux do have the specs for it, and pictures! I connected a standard USB 2.

The OS tries to recognize and mount the drives, but they dissapear. Hi, I’m new in this forum. Totally agree on ASUS being a good brand. Some web searches suggest that USB3. Most of the effort to help you has focussed on USB 3, so it’s irrelevant.


Corsair Force 3 + Asus U3S6, faster readings but slower writings!?

I’m not having any system crash, unusual reboots, bsod or anything else. Finally, just to make things really interesting, if I boot from a Live CD with the external HDD connected via USB3, then it is visible once the boot has completed and the desktop is available. It could be one of a couple of other things, though.

You might also run this command: I’ll get back to this thread on Monday.

True USB 3.0 & True SATA 6Gb/s Support

The device appearing and then disappearing sounds a bit like the device is not getting enough power. I have bought a 1T bus powered usb3 disk, and added a nec usb3. I suspect that this USB 3.