Did they play the death march as they lowered you down? To Freedom We Ride. So many lives have been wasted, scattered as dead leaves upon the ground In the cause of the freedom they had tasted, and for the liberty they found Ground beneath the heels of Red jackboots, with half of Europe ruled by the Red beast Whilst the other half were fooled ‘to thinking they were free, whilst kosher power ruled at every feast. We can only guess I said free Rudolf Hess How long can they keep him there? In the Wasteland Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste I’ve been around for a long, long, time, don’t know how many men’s soul unsaved I was around when Jesus Christ had His moment of doubt and fate Made damn sure that Pilot washed his hands and sealed His fate.

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Let the stranger control your fate? They reckoned every skinhead was a bad man Enough to make an honest man be sick And they filled the papers with this rubbish every day They never missed a dirty little trick, what znother I say? Green Fields Of France. Its a hard road. Justice for the Cottbus Six.

Tell me why you’re doing what you do Is it someone else now, or is it you? Europe On My Mind. Europe Awake live 87 The Blood and Honour group is not alone in elevating and honoring this band. And no one ever asked us, ,yrics what we think No one ever asked us, exactly what we think As far as the powers are concerned They’ve let the country sink. Laughing while the British people die Come on Ulster!


As with the communists and immigrants, Jews are shown as another part of the national problem. Once we were proud men, and now we’re down on our knees We have let them take over, and now they do as they please What’s it gonna take, to light that spark of pride And if our courage does tue waken, we’ll be taken for a ride.

Another Prayer for the Dying Lyrics

Ian Stuart – Patriot Yeah, the blue skies are above him Yeah, the white clouds are below The mountains are all passing As the north wind starts to blow.

When you’re young you chose the lifestyle of the warrior To live and die to keep your people free You had good times, you had bad times, never did a thing by halves Your life is built around honour and loyalty The warrior is ljrics, fighting for victory!

I worry, ’cause I don’t skeewdriver die. Once a land that knew no fear, a people proud and free No dark infringed upon their lands, a bright light in dark seas A warrior ruled his people, he kept them safe from dread And by strength and honour now, a crown upon his head. Europe on my Mind.

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Now many flags are unfurling And standing up to the tyranny Men and women with a common bond Tell each other “You can lean on me now”. Immigrants and faggots, they make no sense to me They come to our countries, and think they’ll do as they please Like start some mini-Iran, or spread some stinking disease They talk so many Goddamned ways now, it’s all wrong to me. Skrewdriver – Deutschland Erwache Backstabber, can you hear the call? The Snow Fell When will our people take that bitter pill: Red Flags Are Burning.



Tomorrow Bellongs to us. The petrol bombs are flying, the people lock their doors We’ve got to make a choice now, in the middle of a war The enemy is taking over out on the streets And we are not united, and so we face defeat – chorus Retaliate, will be our only hope Retaliate, can we ever cope Retaliate, face them on the streets Retaliate, fight against defeat – As a young man lies dying, the mob begins to cheer Older people tremble, they have never known such fear The enemy’s taking over out on the streets And we are not unite, and so we face defeat – Mr.

Are you sitting there, in your comfy sitting chair? Politicians and their masters, you are worth nothing They don’t care if you just live or die So long as they got their fingers in every single pie.

Fetch the rope One in a Million II Skrewdriver – White Rider No one knows what it’s like to the bad man To be the sad man, behind blue eyes No one knows what its like, to be baited To be slated, for telling you no lies. As Life Bleeds Away Give money and property to people who shouldn’t get it, while you go hungry and homeless.