The ram in it is sufficient, yet I’m likely going to purchase a 1gig Ddr dimm for it at some point within a brief span of time. The big screen is a boom for graphic user. It is very easy to connect, and recharges via USB although you can still use it when its plugged in. The keyboard has the familiar Acer touch: If you want the four buttons here are also reprogramable, a general theme of this notebook. Beautiful would be the way to describe the LCD screen. This is the place I think Acer held back out the most.

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Software is very nice though, especially the Launch manager. This is where I think Acer skimped out the most.

Acer Ferrari Review (pics, specs)

Design as a whole is very nice. It runs the latest games with a good framerate, which makes the laptop a fine gaming machine. Best Laptops for Works great, as you will see when you first turn on the computer: Speakers are set on front of computer as well, so it is very clear. Took about a week, but was very easy and convenient, and it arrived in perfect condition.

Download Acer Ferrari Notebook BIOS 3C19

Programable buttons at top are nice; you can change all of them to do whatever you want very easilly through launch manager; however initially they are set for Outlook email buttonInternet Explorer world buttonAcer Emanager e buttonand Launch Manager P button.


Jacobi February 17, 9: Performance and Battery backup For office applications performance is better. Still, its not as theft-prone as the Ferrari series, as it doesnt immediately stand out as much. Underneath view of Ferrari view larger image.

These are the things that are commonly overlooked by laptop buyers.

This is one of the areas I think Acer skimped out on. It fits pleasantly around my work area next to my desktop, or my lap when I’m in a cramped range, yet is additionally huge enough to play amusements and have the capacity to really see individuals.

Acer Ferrari 3400 Review (pics, specs)

It also comes with a big monitor enabling you to turn the resolution up enjoying good graphics, lots of desktop space for various applications as well as big-screen DVD playback. What would I be able to say other than totally breathtaking.

Touchpad is very nice, although it gets hot, but its large to accomidate widescreen.

Pros will try to limit to 5, although I think its fairly obvious I could go on for a while! Its fan generates so much noise not lied by much of the users.

Acer Laptop Ferrari 3400 Specifications, review and driver download

Visit our network of sites: Interestingly though, there is a button at the front of the laptop accessible when even closed that will enable or disable bluetooth. The more up to date Catalyst drivers wouldn’t introduce. The newly upgraded Razer Blade is the perfect laptop for undercover gaming. Definately get the USB sound drive and the total protection warranty extension.


Angle view of Ferrari view larger ferrzri.

From one viewpoint, its future-sealed as its 64 bit, and a 2 Ghz processor, yet then again, I haven’t generally been that inspired with the battery life. The front of the Acer Ferrari is the most interesting as it contains a pair of speakers with one in each side as well as a built-in 5-in-1 card reader to the left. Bluetooth and Lan buttons acef nice, but not sure why they are on front.

The ferraru matches the performance of the logo view larger image. The keyboard feels solid and crisp, but it annoyingly forces you to use the Fn key to access Home or Verrari editing functions, a one-touch procedure on most other keyboards. Eight-cell lithium ion battery; up to 3. They allow you to easily open your favourite email program and preferred internet browser while being customizable to your liking. I was conflicted with this processor.